We thought that there couldn't be a Tetris-themed battle royale and we were wrong, so I don't see why imagining a dungeon crawler based on one of the most famous games of all time is impossible and this is the idea on which 4 Block Dungeon was born. , game that combines the classic peculiarities of the roguelike dungeon crawler with those of Tetris.

The game, created with Unity and completely playable via the web, requires the player to assume the dual role of "dungeon builder" and "dungeon explorer" (maybe a nice co-op would have been interesting).

With the J / L keys you can move the classic Tetris blocks that will make up the dungeon that our rider will have to explore, while with the I key you can rotate them.

With the WASD keys or the arrow keys the rider moves inside the dungeon that we will create in real time. Our hero also has at his disposal some tools that make the journey as simple as the possibility of building individual "tiles" or picking walls to create passages or even use bombs to explode pieces and combine some together.

Within the rooms that are created there are loots and monsters to kill to gain experience and levels. The aim is to reach the top of the screen where a portal will open that decrees the victory of our hero.

Needless to say, the game at first turns out to be quite complicated due to the dual role to be taken, but as soon as the initial difficulties are overcome it tends to be quite fun.

Although 4 Block Dungeon is only a prototype it has all the potential to become a complete game.

Congratulations to SquareDev (on their page itch.io find the prototype of the game) for the idea and the realization, hoping that someone could collect this project and distribute it to the mass in a more complete version.