Square Enix e Titan Comics, announced that Life is Strange: Strings, the third volume of the series of graphic novel by Life is Strange, will be published next year, the April 21 2020.

After Life is Strange: Waves and Life is Strange: Dust, Strings, will continue to tell the stories of the original protagonists: Chloe and Rachel.

Written by Emma Cieveli, with illustrations by Claudia Leonardi, this series of comics is set one year after the events narrated in the original game of Life is Strange by Dontnod Entertainment.

"Mysteriously endowed with the power to rewind time, young photography student Max Caulfield finds herself in the midst of the dark secrets of Arcadia Bay." "He used his "strange" new abilities to reconnect with his friend, Chloe Price, and to bring to justice the men who had killed Chloe's closest confidant, Rachel Amber. However, Max's time abilities have come at a cost, creating a hurricane that threatens to destroy the town of Arcadia Bay. "