The stranger the more we like them: there is no limit to the imagination of dating simulators on the market. Joins the array of bizarre stuff "I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin 'Good Dating Simulator ", which allows us nothing less than to frequent the famous Colonel of the international chain of fried chicken.

The game is created by Kentucky Fried Chicken, so more official than ever, and will be released in the future on Steam. While we wait anxiously, here is a list of known features:

  • 9 adorable characters available
  • Long gameplay spans hours
  • Colonel Sanders can be seen
  • A secret ending
  • Secret recipes
  • Culinary battles
  • Real battles
  • You can get a diploma from a cooking school (fictitious)
  • Ben 11 herbs and spices available
  • Adorable miniature food
  • Official KFC game

A sort of Food Wars that meets the most kitsch of dating simulators. What are we waiting for? Enjoy (literally) the trailer at the back of the newse the charm of Colonel Sanders.