After the rumor earlier this week, Yacht Club Games has finally confirmed the existence of a gold amiibo dedicated to Shovel Knight. This particular version of the figurine, will be available, along with the versions Pleague Knight, Specter Knight and King Knight, in December.

The functions of the amiibo in question are the same as the original version. Furthermore, it will be compatible with the Nintendo Wii U, Switch and 3DS editions of the game.

In detail:

  • Costum Knight, a fun and crazy way to play Shovel of Hope! Collecting gold will allow you to level up to unlock new moves, costumes and more.
  • Cooperative challenges available in Shovel of Hope
  • Baron costume to Shovel Knight Shodown.
  • The fairy of the shovel in any Shovel Knight game

The amiibo will cost $ 15,99 USD and can already be booked on Best Buy or GameStop and should also be made available outside of America. For more information, you can take a look at the Q&A.