Super Mario 64 it is a timeless classic. Published on Nintendo 64 in the far 1996, it has had an incredible success. Like all mustachioed plumber games, it has never been released on PC. However, someone is currently working on a native PC version of the game.

The project is still in an early development phase and will require, once completed, the Nintendo 64 ROM version of Super Mario 64 to work. Some may wonder, what's the point of a PC version of the game? First of all, native support for keyboard and mouse. Furthermore, this version will allow players to use higher resolutions (although this is already possible with most N64 emulators currently in circulation) e it would also simplify the execution of the PC game.

Once the project is up and running (except for the intervention of the large N to block its development), it could also be possible to add a FOV slider, as well as support for ultra-wide resolutions and ray tracing. To be honest though, we don't believe these are features that its creator is currently considering.

The project currently uses Glide64 as a graphic wrapper (used on most N64 emulators).

We leave you to the video that shows the potential of the project: