Being Pokémon the most profitable media franchise in the world, it is easy to imagine that a very active community revolves around it in various areas. For example, there are many people who try their hand at the most diverse challenges to creatively complete the games of the series. And here is a guy who thought of launching himself into a rather extravagant challenge, that is to complete Leaf Green Pokémon without using offensive moves.

The player in question shared his experience in the subreddit of Pokémon, telling precisely the strategy adopted to be able to accomplish this unique undertaking. The rules of the challenge categorically prevented a "Bealtimint", this is your username on Reddit, to use any type of move that inflicts damage directly, Compresa clash, the move that a Pokémon uses when it has run out all Power Points of the moves. Only moves that inflict state problems were therefore admitted such as poisoning and confusion, or particular indirect damages such as those caused by Leech, Curse and similar. Needless to say, it was a rather complicated challenge, which required the player to use unusual strategies not normally considered.

To witness the truth of the challenge, bealtimint recorded the final clash with the Pokémon League Champion and uploaded it to YouTube. You can see it in the video below. If, on the other hand, you are interested in the many stages that led to this battle, or maybe you want to try the company yourself, here find the post on Reddit in which the player explains all the steps necessary to succeed.