Square Enix celebrates the 22 anniversary of the North American publication of Final Fantasy VII recreating one of the most iconic artwork in the game. The modern appearance is in line with the visual style of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Regardless of whether you're a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, especially Final Fantasy VII, or role-playing games in general, you've probably already seen the artwork in question. Depicts the protagonist Cloud with his back to the spectator while holding the sword. It is located in front of the building of the Shinra, which can be seen towering above him in the distance. A cloud of black smog chokes the air as blue lights sprout from the ground. All this fully captures the history of the game: a small group of eco-terrorists fighting against a megacorporation to try to save the world in which they live.

The remaking of the artwork comes just six months before the release date of Final Fantasy VII Remake, set for March 3. Square Enix has already revealed that the game will be on two Blu-ray players.