The announcement of Overwatch su Nintendo Switch it was certainly one of the best moments of Nintendo Direct in recent days, however many players who already own the game on other platforms could be left with a bitter taste after the recent statements by Blizzard.

Although the cross-play among the various platforms the function of the cross-platform progression instead, it seems to be moving away more and more, given that for sure will not be available at the launch of the game.

In fact, in a recent interview, the lead producer of Overwatch, Matthew Hawley, talked about how the main development team effort was to bring the game up first Nintendo Switch, and that "technical and business" problems would prevent the implementation of the much requested function of import rescues from other platforms. However, it remains to ask what these serious problems are that prevent the insertion of the feature, given that other titles, even free-to-play as Paladins e Fortnite, immediately implemented the cross-platform progression on the hybrid of Nintendo.