A few days ago we reported a Free is Bello of the highest level, which included Celeste up Epic Games Store and it is really recent news that its creator Matt Thorson announced the release date of the 9 chapter, as well as the final chapter of this fabulous indie game that has amazed audiences and critics.

The 9 chapter, with a rather melancholic name "Farewell", Will be released on Monday 9 September and will be distributed free for all. Obviously to play it you will need to have completed the previous 8 chapters, so if you are left behind, you will know what to do on the weekend. Also because then waiting for you there will be 100 new levels to complete.


The announcement of the release of this new chapter of Celeste was also accompanied by the one announcing the closure of the study "Matt Makes Games”And the simultaneous opening of Extremely Ok Games, label under which we will see the new works of Thorson and his collaborators, who are already working on their first title from the code name EXOK1.