Vampyr, the DONTNOD Action-RPG with a powerful narrative component, 29 2019 will arrive on the Nintendo hybrid console on October.

Wake up in the London of 1918 as Jonathan Reid, a neo-vampire who finds himself rediscovering a dark world, full of diabolical creatures and vampire hunters. Your aim is to find a cure for the deadly disease that is spreading throughout the city, leaving it devastated.

As a doctor, you took an oath to protect and save people, but as a vampire you need to feed yourself. Use your nascent powers to shed light on the conspiracies that hide in the darkest corners of London. The citizens form a branched social web and every death will bring certain consequences on the rest of them and on the city. How much are you willing to go into the dark?

Vampyr will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 29. The game is now pre-orderable.