Squre Enix today revealed that the highly anticipated remake of Trials of Mana the 24 April 2020 will be released worldwide on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and STEAM with special pre-order bonuses.

The new trailer features the character cast and the fantastic orchestral soundtrack. Players will find out more about new character models, class changes and the new combat system during an epic battle against very strong enemies, in addition to the new English dubbing.

Trials of Mana it's a high definition remake of the third chapter of the Mana series, released exclusively in Japan in the 1995 with the name of Seiken Densetsu 3 and then published this year in the West in the Collection of Mana on Nintendo Switch. Trials of Mana brings the beloved story and characters of the title into the modern era with real-time battles, fantastic 3D graphics and improved gameplay. The game tells the story of six heroes who fight against the forces of evil that threaten a world in which Mana has been weakened. Players will create their unique gaming experience through a team of three of the six proposed characters and immerse themselves in an epic adventure.

Those who purchase or pre-purchase the physical or digital edition of the game by 21 in May 2020, for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4, will receive the DLC “Rabite Adornment” to use to get more EXP after the battles up to the 10 level. Pre-orders of the digital version of the game on PlayStation Store will also include an exclusive set of avatars of the six heroes of the game. While purchases or pre-orders of the game on STEAM by 21 in May 2020 will include the "DLC Rabite Adornment" and an exclusive set of wallpapers.