A Paradox Interactive press release presents the Camarilla faction in "Bloodlines 2".

Paradox Interactive has unveiled a new faction of The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2I Camarilla. The factions of the Kindred of Seattle are groups of vampires with their motives and goals, fighting for control of the city. Some have resided in the city for some time, others have long and legendary stories and each faction tries to gain control over the Emerald City.

"Contrary to what you might think, I like having enemies. Makes me ... careful ... keeps me creative. The complacent sovereigns risk not having a bright future ahead of them. "
Alec Cross

Seattle is home to a technology industry and a business community both incredibly profitable and the Camarillas have certainly benefited from it. Led by Prince Cross, in the last 20 years this faction has helped to promote this community and to drive the city's financial success in the 21 century. Deeply rooted in the Seattle business community, the Camarillas count in their own ranks CEOs, software magnates, bankers, venture capitalists, politicians and other members of the company's elite. This is a faction of the Kindred that imposes its influence not only in the alleys of the dark streets, but also in the meeting rooms of the great skyscrapers of the city.
This is partly due to the rules of fairness, business acumen and organizational skills of Prince Cross. The Prince is skilled in forging important alliances, but also in knowing how much power to give vampires to keep them at ease but unable to rise up against him. A ruler who prefers negotiations and a careful strategy with respect to brute force and violence, his policy is based on stability, prosperity and the maintenance of the Masquerade.
At this point, maintaining control is the main objective for Prince Cross and the Camarillas. While other Kindred communities have suffered in other cities over the past decade, Prince Cross has helped Seattle vampires flourish. If the Prince succeeds in keeping up and acquiring a greater foothold in the city's power structure, it could capture the attention of the elderly in the upper reaches of the Camarilla
  • Power Players  - Very few cities boast a wealthy vampire elite like Seattle. In these refined environments, prove your worth by carefully controlling the money.
  • The Ivory Tower - The Camarillas of Seattle are involved in a fierce political dance: the words of your superiors are law; the desires of your subordinates are dust and every move of your colleagues must be observed to avoid threats or signs of weakness.
  • The Long Game - After 20 years at the top, every member of the Cross faction is still very aware of being the biggest target of the city. Until now, they have managed to do anything to stay one step ahead of the competition, paying extreme attention and avoiding any danger.