Yu-Gi-Oh! It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most famous and played collectible card games in the world, born from the mind of Kazuki Takahashi in the now distant 1996, has been able to continuously renew itself and add new mechanics and cards, coming to conquer the hearts of players of all the ages. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is proposed as the magna videogame transposition of the TCG counterpart, offering players a collection of over 9000 cards from all the sagas that made the game's history, up to VRAINS, which introduces the mechanics of the Link monsters.

However, it must be pointed out that this exclusive Nintendo Switch it's a "porting”Of the pre-existing Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist, originally released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015 and on PC in 2016. The great advantage of Link Evolution, however, is that it already contains all DLCs add-ons released over the years for previous versions, offering players a complete experience without having to spend an extra penny.

The mode campaign by Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution allows us to relive the plot of each of the sagas that make up the series (Yu-Gi-Oh !, GX, 5D's, Zexal, ARC-V and VRAINS) thanks to Duels that trace the most iconic clashes of every moment in history. In these matches we are also given the opportunity to select a User Deck or to use the Deck History to face our opponent. If we choose to use the Deck History obviously the games will be more balanced, given that both decks will mirror the respective Deck used in the anime, and therefore they will be less competitive games but not less fun for this. If you do not care about lots of games instead lore, you can safely use a purpose-built deck (from goal to be clear) to crush your opponents in a few rounds. Once defeated every character in the campaign, in addition to unlocking the opponent's iconic cards, we are also given the opportunity to replay the Duel with reversed parts, impersonating the antagonist, and then giving us access to his Deck.

Proceeding through the various sections of the story, different ones are gradually unlocked booster pack, in each of which generally there are cards to build four or five archetypes. Once you've chosen which deck to invest in, the advice is to always buy the same type of package to find synergistic cards. The real problem is that we often need maybe a rare 3x card in a given booster, and having no protections of any kind from duplicates, it can be difficult to find the exact card we need to complete a deck.

However, fortunately in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution there is also another way to get specific cards for an archetype. Once we have defeated a character in the story, the latter is also added to the "Dueling Challenges" section, in which he no longer uses the soul deck, but a deck built in a competitive manner. For example, Shark from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal exploits a deck in his Challenge Sirenide complete, and not the "scrauso" one he uses in the animated series. The Dueling Challenges are therefore the real competitive games of this game, able to offer an excellent level of difficulty even to specifically constructed decks.

In addition to the classic games with built decks, in the main menu of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is also available as a way to play in "Limited", called Battle Pack. The Battle Packs are sets built with the best cards in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh !, and it is possible to face them in two versions, Sealed e Draft. In the first we have to build a deck with 50 cards given to us by the Battle Packs randomly, while in the Draft the packages run between the player and the bots, and each, choosing a card each, builds the Deck as he goes. Battle Packs are certainly one of the strongest points of this Legacy of the Duelist, in fact they allow any type of player to break the monotony of classic games, providing an alternative mode in which there are also some of the strongest (and therefore banned) cards. ) of the history of the TCG, as Amphora of Greed and Charity Graziosa.

If on one side Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution therefore offers a varied and complete experience from many points of view, they cannot fail to catch the eye also obvious defects that the title shows, especially as regards the multiplayer and deck construction, two features that should instead be fundamental in a title dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh !. The multiplayer mode allows both local and online gaming, offering both ranked and normal games. The real flaw is that it is practically impossible to find an opponent online. Once the lobby has been created, it also happens to wait about ten minutes before some players manage to enter, and if we add to this the problems of lag in online games, frustration can really ruin the excellent single-player side experience.

The other important defect of this title is, as mentioned above, the deck construction menu. Having so many expansions and cards available, not have an adequate HUD to manage the filters in the best way it becomes really problematic, above all if we have to look for a map whose precise name we do not remember.

To conclude, despite Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution there are quite obvious flaws from some points of view, it still remains the most complete video game transposition of the collectible card game loved by players from all over the world. The title offers an enjoyable experience both to those who are new to the game, and to veterans, but also to those who, like myself, have been away from the paper game for a few years. In fact, Legacy of the Duelist offers tutorials both written and during the same matches that thoroughly explain each individual mechanic, both old and new, allowing each player to understand the various situations that will arise during the match. Last but not least, integration with the touch screen of Nintendo Switch is perfect, and indeed it is almost more comfortable than the controls with the buttons during the various phases of the game and also during the construction of the Deck. If you already love Yu-Gi-Oh, if you are veteran players, and if you just want to try new decks without spending a fortune on real cards this Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution it's the right product for you. As they say in these cases: "It's time to dddd-duel!"