Let's go back to talking about a real legend like Yu Suzuki, designer of SEGA and creator of some of the greatest arcade franchises of all time as Out Run, After Burner, Space Harrier e Virtua Fighter.

Suzuki is currently making the final touches to Shenmue III but this does not prevent him from dreaming of revisiting some of his classic titles.

In an interview with VGC, when asked if he would like to return to work on Out Run and Virtua Fighter, he exclaimed:

"Yes I would. If you ask me how, I can't answer! "

Pressed by the portal, he added:

"Yes, there may be something. But since the IP you mentioned belongs to Sega, I need to work with them. I'm a special consultant for Sega, but we'll have to talk. "

In short, the will of Yu Suzuki is all there, let's see how SEGA will respond.