A series of new videos of Death Stranding was shown by the same Hideo Kojima during the gamescom Opening Night Live and, finally, there is also some gameplay.

The first major gaming segment seen is focused on N who takes a nap in a peaceful looking valley, soothing the child inside the BB Pod. Suddenly he stands up and starts to urinate. It is also possible to see the bladder empty through the HUD. This gesture is used to fertilize a mushroom of some kind. Kojima said, following the film, or that if more players choose to urinate in the same position, "something good" will happen as it also speaks of an "online shared world", a world shared by all players.

The clip also shows some of Sam Bridges' climbing skills using a ladder, an action we had already noticed in last trailer. Later, Reedus falls off a cliff, lands hard on the ground and frightens the child. He must therefore calm him through a mini-game based on movement.

Certainly we have seen something more but the general situation of the game continues to remain obscure. To underline the presence also of Geoff keighley, which will have a cameo in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding will be published on8 November su PlayStation 4.