With the Gamescom in sight, Sega has launched a mysterious site, called HMKD. The name is a probable abbreviation of humankind, a trademark registered by the company in December 2018. The site is as simple as it is enigmatic: we are put in front of a switched-off heart rate monitor, with the option to register for one newsletter to be informed about news regarding the game (the button says "be the first to know").

Un further indication is traceable on the Sega website, showing the heart rate monitor turned on, with a heartbeat in sight. At the moment, this exhausts everything we know about HMKD, but the wait shouldn't last long: it's missing just a week at Gamescom in the German city of Cologne, and the 2019 edition will definitely be full of content for Sega. In addition to the details on the Mega Drive Mini e preview di Two Point Hospital, a should also be unveiled new AAA title. There is no way of knowing if it is actually connected to HMKD, but timing may not be a coincidence.