G2A is a portal used by many players to purchase keys to be redeemed mainly on Steam; in general the whole is safe and the headaches with which to clash are not frequent, but it is not of the same opinion Unknown Worlds, developer of Subnautica.

The software house has indeed asked 300.000 $ for compensation to the famous site for a question related to 1341 key stolen from the Natural Selection 2 game. But how was the history?

In the beginning Mike Rose, developer of Descenders, had complained to G2A for stolen keys and losses due to this operation, which led G2A to apologize and promise to repay with a sum equal to the losses multiplied by ten. At this point also Cherlie Cleveland, founder of Unknown Worlds, wanted to express her will to receive the same treatment because of G2A the company lost 30.000 $, thus wanting compensation equal to 300.000 $.

What had happened to Mike Rose has in fact also happened to Unknown Worlds: an attacker bought 1341 key with a stolen card on the software house website, resold it on G2A and these were activated by unsuspecting customers on Steam: discovered the arcane, the owner of the stolen card asked for a refund and so Steam has blocked all the stolen keys, even to those who had already redeemed them, thus causing the complaints to break out. To avoid other scams Unknown Worlds has therefore closed its store, losing future possible customers and having to repay the players who had already redeemed the keys, for a total of 30.000 $.

The words of Charlie Cleveland:

Mike Rose is right: it is much better to pirate games, instead of buying a key from G2A. Because of him we had to reimburse 30.000 $ for purchases made with a stolen credit card ... So, G2A, if you want to keep your promise, you will now reimburse us 300.000 dollars.

A really unpleasant situation, which we hope will be resolved for the best both for the players and for Unknown Worlds.