Fans Total War they do more than play the titles of the famous series or develop mods for the recent chapter Three Kingdoms: they also spend a lot of time checking official intellectual property registers, above all the British one. A user of Reddit found that Sega has recently filed a new registered trademark, named Total War Saga: Troy.

La Total War Saga is a series that focuses on very specific historical phases, unlike the Total War normal, covering much longer periods. After Thrones of Britannia (in the medieval British Isles) e Three Kingdoms (in China during antiquity), the choice of most famous conflict of the Bronze Ageor it would certainly make sense. In the absence of an announcement or official confirmation by Sega or Creative Assembly, however, we cannot be certain that the next chapter in the series will actually be set in Troy during the fateful war narrated in the Iliad.

Il trademark to Total War Saga: Troy has been deposited the 23 July. For more details on Troy, we just have to wait for confirmation from Sega and Creative Assembly.