Panache Digital Games and Private Division released today the first episode of a new video series entitled "Experiences“, In which the creative director Patrice Désilets illustrates some of the most original features of Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey along with various experts from sectors other than video games.

Each video in the series was created in collaboration with famous specialists in various fields such as anthropology, paleontology and experts in survival in hostile environments. All these scientists, athletes and creatives, in sharing their stories, will discover at the same time how those same emotions and experiences have been recreated in the game.

In this second episode, called "The climber", Patrice Désilet meets Alannah Yip, a Canadian professional climber and participant in the 2020 Olympics, during one of her training sessions to show how we ourselves use many of the motor skills and instincts of our ancestors in a way to overcome challenges that may seem insurmountable. Together they discussed how both our hominid ancestors and the modern human being push their physical abilities to the limit so that they continue to adapt and evolve. After visiting Panache's studio, Alannah experienced the thrill of climbing, swinging and exploring 10's Neogene Africa over millions of years ago, giving it a completely new perspective on climbing.

In the first episode, called "the Anthropologist", Patrice Désilets had met Dr. Niobe Thompson, an anthropologist and director. Their shared passion for human history and evolution has led them to explore the survival of Neogene in Africa, a harsh and ruthless world in which players will be transported to Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

Un new video of the series "Experiences" It will be released every three weeks.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey will be published on PC through the Epic Games Store il August 27th, 2019 and with digital distribution on 4 PlayStation and Xbox One in December of the 2019.