PTW's new Shanghai office enhances its integrated solutions offerings for Chinese gaming and tech clients

SHANGHAI– (BUSINESS WIRE) -PTW (Pole to Win International, Inc.), industry-leading video games and tech solutions provider, PTW will merge two of its Shanghai subsidiaries into a single study to reinforce its integrated solutions offerings, which includes Localization, Quality Assurance, Customer Experience, Engineering & Development, and Audio Production — with an extensive voice production supporting network 30 languages ​​and various Chinese dialects. Since 2015, operations have witnessed year-over-year revenue growth in China and this strategic move to increase PTW's operational capacity will allow it to support more projects.

"We are deeply committed to providing top quality services to our clients," said Ms. Deborah Kirkham, CEO of PTW. "We anticipate 10-to-20 percent improvement in efficiency for cross-functional projects while maintaining our high quality standards. Our clients trust us in delivering the best solutions, and we are constantly innovating and improving our capabilities to meet that trust. "

PTW will launch its exclusive “Gateway to West” program to support Chinese clients entering the Western markets. The program designed specifically to assist Chinese clients in developing the best gaming and gaming experience for overseas players. Jointly managed by PTW's China and overseas teams, the program offers personalized integrated solutions for each client with additional market research, insights, and consultation.

"We are proud to be the trusted partner for our Chinese clients, and it is our duty to ensure that our avenue to succeed both locally and globally." Gateway to West is the result of experience working with local clients combined with our expertise in the Western markets. "He said Mr. Winston Wong, PTW President of Asia." "We plan to launch a second study in China in the latter half of 2020 to further establish our commitment to the China market."

"We'd love to continue our clients' journey to bring us to the world as we continue to grow our presence in China," concluded Ms. Deborah Kirkham.

About PTW (Pole To Win International, Inc.)

PTW is the leading integrated solutions provider for Localization, Customer Experience, Quality Assurance, Audio Production, and Engineering & Development for video games, technology, interactive media, streaming media, e-commerce, and e-learning industries.

PTW had supported more than 1,500 products over the last 25 years and had since grown to 37 + studios worldwide with proficiency in 40 + languages. Our global infrastructure and robust capabilities enable us to serve clients and projects of all sizes.

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