Although Nintendo Switch Lite was designed for a purely portable mode, the real strength of Nintendo Switch it is precisely its versatility. Inserting the docks on the screen and playing it everywhere represents one of the hallmarks of the Nintendo-branded console.

But the original docks, in addition to being expensive to replace, do not always meet all the users' needs - for example, some say they distort the style of the console itself.

Nintendo Switch

So the solution is third-party docks? It would seem not really. There have already been episodes of third-party accessories that make the console unusable, 'bricking' it and turning the hardware into a simple piece of plastic. But an engineer seems to have the explanation of why this happens.

In fact, the engineer registered as Reddit Vectordriver explains that the implementation of USB-C connections on third-party docks could compromising the systems. In fact, analyzing the 'bricked' systems, Vectordriver noted that it is the energy conducting chip (o power delivery, PD) to be damaged by gadgets made, for example, by Nyko.

The Switch chip is in fact able to withstand at most 6 volts, but some docks of the Nyko send 9 volts, causing a malfunction of the aforementioned chip and at the same time the inability to load the console. The designs proposed by others try to imitate Nintendo's USB-C input but it all results in an overload. These unofficial outlets actually send around 15 volts.

The unique design of the console could mean that it does not work with the standard chip model: it seems that the unofficial third-party docks are compatible only with their own chips, or that, at most, they are equipped with USB-C connectors of poor quality. The message is strong and clear: if you keep your Switch, you should only buy official accessories.