Today, 1 August, Activision e Infinity Ward will hold the expected event reveal of the new multiplayer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a title that aims to bring the CoD saga back to the ancient splendor of the beloved fourth chapter.

In the past few hours, the official social media companies have published the first images of a night visor, which as later confirmed by Leon Hurley on Twitter, it will be present in the "Dark Edition" edition of the title.

Even the Collector's Edition of Modern Warfare 2 at the time was distributed with a night vision device inside, and this new functioning device seems to be a more modern reinterpretation of the same. At the moment has not yet been revealed price area of Dark Edition, but a page of the Gamestop site, then promptly removed, reported the special edition for the price of $ 200 USD, which will probably be turned into 200€ for the European market.