It's time to take stock and even Nintendo has published its financial reports. The Japanese company has reported a decline in earnings per share of 45%, passing from 254,73 of June 2018 to 139,38 of June 2019.

Nintendo's earnings for share saw at 45% decline from the same quarter in 2018.

As can be seen from the attached images, sales have increased by 2,4%, driven also by the excellent moment of Nintendo Switch, but the operating result (ie the one linked to the "core business" of the company) is down by 10%.

The most worrying item in this financial report is that of "Foreign exchange loss". In the last 12 months the position of the Yen, compared to currencies like the Dollar and the Euro (used where most purchases are made), has weakened a lot, losing approximately the 7% of its value against the European currency and almost the 3% with the US one.

In reality the loss is much more substantial given that the 12.112 million yen indicated in the report, it must also be added that the previous year there were recorded collections on the currency exchange of about 7.501 million, with an overall difference that today is 19.563 million .

Foreign currency translation lead to a nearly 20 billion yen year-over-year swing in operating profits at Nintendo.

Despite everything Nintendo actually grinds good numbers with regards to sales figures, given that in addition to the Nintendo Switch (more than the 37 million units sold), there are other important numbers to report.

Super Mario Maker 2 has sold nearly 2,5 million units in just 3 days, Nintendo's digital sales have risen by 65% compared to the past year, bringing revenues from this sector to 38% of the company's total, a record for the Big N .

Strange choice instead of announcing the release of the financial report before the financial report Nintendo Switch Lite which, almost certainly, will have a certain impact on the sale of the normal Nintendo Switch (but from this point of view it is necessary to see on which of the two products the company has greater profitability).

Furthermore, in the second part of the 2019, titles of great appeal are coming out Luigi Mansion 3 and, especially, Pokémon Sword & Shield, which will surely give a nice boost to sales, useful for year-end reports.

As it were, it was not the best year for Nintendo, but they are certainly not desperate.

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