Astral Chain, the last effort of Platinum Games, is now one month from its exclusive arrival on Nintendo Switch.

The creators of Bayonetta e NIER: Automata, games from which Astral Chain takes a lot of hands, they have released a new trailer, which given its duration of over nine minutes, to call the trailer is rather simplistic, since it is a real introduction to the game.

In fact in this video we are shown the incipit of the story of Astral Chain and then we move on to the basics of combat, with scenes where we see melee weapons, guns and even the summon of our "Legion“, A fundamental feature in this new title.

The use of Legion it is important as it is possible to use it to distract the enemies to give us the opportunity to heal, as you can see in the video or use the chains to block, repel or group the enemies.

There are also synchronized attacks, which work roughly like the "Witch Time" of Bayonetta, only that instead of slowing down time, they allow us to carry out devastating attacks.

In the trailer you can also see the different 5 types of Legion, giving us a global view of what we have to expect from Astral Chain.