Media Molecule

Dreams of Media Molecule is a truly ambitious project, as well as a title with which users can create truly spectacular games. Someone has even created a 'remake' of Final Fantasy VII, which seems to be pure madness.

Here is the reason why Media Molecule is looking for someone who invests time in the game to create content that players can release. feedback.

"Content Creator: Teams", Says the announcement of the Media Molecule job board, that you can control yourself.

"Some of the exciting opportunities we offer require the skills of a small programming team. Are you a small development team that is trying to collaborate on something bigger, or are you working on a small project? "

"This is not a simple search for personnel: for Media Molecule it is a question of finding teams that want to collaborate with us in the development of content for Dreams. We do not require particular experience and knowledge at this stage, but at least having created something with Dreams is mandatory! ". Applications are not yet open, but it seems that they will be very soon.

At present, Dreams is still a game in early access, although it is scheduled for release later this year. There will also be a campaign to complete, while for now it is only a set of user-generated creations. If creating everything that comes into your head doesn't seem like such a difficult job, keep your eyes on how you can join the Media Molecule team!