To date it is still rather rare for developers to talk openly about plans for games destined for the next generation of consoles or even just cross-gen, that is, to be released both on the current generation of consoles and on the next. Techland is the exact opposite, and is happy to confirm that Dying Light 2 was conceived from the beginning as a cross-gen game.

Here is what was declared to WCCFTech Pawel Rohleder, chief technology officer (CTO) of Techland:

"Techland always keeps an eye on the latest toys! To be more precise, yes, the plan from the beginning of production was to develop Dying Light 2 as a cross-generation title. For Xbox One X and PS4 Pro we want to aim for full HD. It is too early to specify exclusive features of the most powerful consoles but our top priority is a fluid gaming experience (parkour, combat, etc.) "

The game will be released this spring for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.