Un press release of Koch Media show us one deepening regarding the combat system di Oninaki.

This new trailer allows you to learn more about the combat system with Oninaki Daemons. Daemons are an integral part of the Kagachi Watcher's battle skills: each Daemon offers different abilities and upgrades. As you advance in level, the Daemons become more powerful, acquire new abilities, upgrades and custom weapons. Change the various Daemons in real-time during battles, full of action, as in no other RPG.

The new action RPG Oninaki tells the story of a Watcher who has the task of protecting life after death. With exciting hack and slash style battles and a deep personalization of your daemons and weapons, ONINAKI will amaze you with its wide variety of content. Discover a unique action gameplay, combined with a deep and fascinating story.