Sixteen years after his debut, WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain remains one of the wrestling games more popular and loved by fans, and is still considered by many the best chapter in the series of official WWE titles. For those who still have a PS2, the retro-gaming us Smack down! Here Comes The Pain it is still an option - but in the future it could also be for everyone else, if we confirm the release of a version remastered.

To start the speculation was Bryan Williams, who occupies the role of Game Design Supervisor at Yuke's, the devs who take care of the official WWE games. In a tweet, Williams said he had a six-hour meeting with his colleagues to discuss a possible future project whose details were not disclosed. But Williams added that throughout the day, the participants played a lot Smack down! Here Comes The Pain.

We can exclude that Williams was referring to WWE 2K20 - after all that videogame is not a possibility, but a project already in development. Of course it is possible that Yuke's wants to work on a modern title of another kind, and that S has been recovered for inspiration - but the other possibility is that the beloved video game gets a version remastered playable on contemporary platforms. We just have to wait to find out - and maybe, in the meantime, dust off the PS2.