Borderlands 3 showed up at Comic-Con with several in-game objects, among them there were different designs, then discarded, for the game's cover.

During Comic-Con, Gearbox held a pop-up exhibition with various props taken directly from the game. The exhibition presented among other things, the designs discarded for the title cover, showing the various concepts created by Gearbox for the game.

13 were the posters on display that went from the most predictable design to completely crazy, even by Borderland standards. The show also served to answer the question about how Gearbox would try to render the 3 number on the cover of the game.

An image shows a psycho with both hands shaped like a pistol under his chin, while a foot takes the trouble to act as a third hand / gun, or you can always see a psycho forming a gun with three fingers.

In the end, the official cover for Borderlands 3 is a great compromise, but it must be admitted that the other designs weren't too bad either. Meanwhile, you've heard that Borderlands 3 could have cross-play?