Latest Update Delivers Highly-Anticipated Content Starting July 24

LOS ANGELES– (BUSINESS WIRE) -#maplestoryNexon America's iconic global MMORPG, MapleStory, today announced its Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes update. Stemming from the introduction of the Pathfinder character earlier this summer, the update, in-game on July 24, is chock-full of highly anticipated content, including a new Party Quest, a new dungeon, Adventure Island mini-games and Beast Tamer character creation.

In the Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes update, players level 61 and up can go on adventures with friends in the new Ancient Ruins Party Quest. Working together to fight against the Ancient Guardian boss, players can navigate portals, study constellations and activate switches in a set order to unlock treasures. Players can also party up in the Cross World Party Quests and enjoy new limited time rewards in the Party Point Merchant coin shop.

From working together to working as a team of one, players can build a team of characters across their account to take on Immortal Gorgons. The most effective player can build their squad, the daily and weekly rewards can be collected to secure standings in the rankings.

In addition, players level 135 and above will be able to visit the new Theme Dungeon: Partem Ruins, in Pathfinder's hometown. Tasked with exploring the ruins, players must battle a threesome of the dark. New mini-games and Adventure Tiers, including Trailblazer and Bushmaster, have also been added to Adventure Iceland.

For players who want to level up faster than ever before, the new Double Mega Burning Project will allow Two characters to burn at once after reaching level 10. Every time the selected characters level up, they will gain an additional two levels from level 10 to 150.

Lastly, Beast Tamer Character Creation will be back for a limited time, giving players the ability to harness the skills of various animals to deal powerful damage and level up. Improvements have made many of her early jobs.

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