Horizon's Cross-Platform Online Trading Card Game Allows True Ownership of Digital Cards, Ability to Buy, Sell and Trade in open markets via Ethereum Network

TORONTO– (BUSINESS WIRE) –Horizon Blockchain Games (Horizon), a video game studio and blockchain infrastructure company on a mission to create great games for new age was enabled by blockchain technology, has raised $ 3.75 million in a seed round, led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian's venture fund, Initialized, with participation from Golden Ventures, Polychain, Coinbase, Digital Currency Group, and Inovia Capital. The company has already built an online game, SkyWeaver, now in private testing, to bring truth to its vision and demonstrate the power of its new platform. SkyWeaver innovate on the incredibly popular trading card by blending accessible yet deep game design on the Ethereum blockchain network.

"Blockchain technology has given rise to the next generation of the Web: the Internet of value," said Peter Kieltyka, co-founder and CEO of Horizon Blockchain Games. "This new web marks the transition from applications to economics, that is, sharing revenue at a protocol level." At Horizon, we're passionate about giving games blockchain super-powers by offering our players the freedom to own and their digital items across an open Internet. "

"Peter and the Horizon have impressed me as a company with great passion to make meaningful games for games," said Initialized Capital managing partner & Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. "We are proud to have invested because they have a long-term future vision with a desire to make a positive impact on society, they are making video games company, making engaging experiences that will give players the benefits of digital and physical worlds colliding. "

SkyWeaver blends the best aspects of online trading and physical games. In a first for the trading card game genre, the free-to-play SkyWeaver it allows players to win their competitions. Players can then play with, trade, give away, or sell their cards on the Ethereum network, for real-world value. SkyWeaver will allow cross-platform play and will launch with more than 300 cards and offer players unique playstyle classes to choose from called Prisms. Visit https://skyweaver.net/ and follow @SkyWeaverGame for the latest information on SkyWeaver.

Horizon has also created the blockchain video game network named Arcadeum, the Crypto Arcade. Arcadeum is built on the Ethereum network and will provide players with secure wallets to their store SkyWeaver assets in addition to assets from other blockchain games. Arcadeum also serves as a browser for players to enter the web. Through its open-source platform, Arcadeum will offer third-party developers the opportunity to bring their own blockchain games to the new Web.

SkyWeaver is set to enter open beta in Fall 2019. For more updates on SkyWeaver and Arcadeum, visit https://skyweaver.net, and stay tuned to Horizon's official Twitter, @0xHorizonGames and Medium page, along with their website, https://horizongames.net/.

About Horizon Blockchain Games

Horizon Blockchain Games is a video game study and blockchain infrastructure company pioneering a new dimension of gaming that belongs to players and creators. Horizon aims to onboard the world to blockchain technology through play. Founded in 2018 by CEO Peter Kieltyka and his executive team, Horizon Blockchain Games has partnered with key investors in the tech and blockchain industries, including Base, Initialized, Golden Ventures, Polychain, Digital Currency Group and iNovia. Horizon Blockchain Games is set to enter open beta with its debut title, SkyWeaver, a digital card game, in Fall 2019, along with its crypto-arcade platform and wallet, Arcadeum. For more information on Horizon Blockchain Games and upcoming products for gamers and tools for developers, visit https://horizongames.net/.


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