The DOOM Eternal according to the developers will offer a fun multiplayer experience at the same level as the main campaign.

Have you read correctly dear slayer, the developers of DOOM during an interview with the boys of VGC, talked about the work done on the multiplayer sector of the game.

In particular, Hugo Martin wanted to specify how this mode will no longer be an outline, but will have the same depth as the story. Here are some of Martin's words to the multiplayer component:

"With Doom 2016 we have learned that id must lead and not chase when it comes to game design. With the single player campaign I think we managed to lead, but with the multiplayer we followed. It's a good mode and it's fun to play, but it's not necessarily original. "

"This time we really wanted him to feel like Doom. We took the DNA of the 'Doom dance' - the loop of a Slayer against many demons - and turned it into a competitive social experience. When we had a Slayer on the battlefield followed by the chance to let the players control the demons, it was really cool. We prefer to offer players an incredibly refined, engaging and compact experience, rather than something huge with a million modes - which is another thing we did in Doom 2016 "

"I think it will be just as satisfying to play like the single player campaign. We play all the time internally and it's really, really great "

After Martin's statements, even executive producer Marty Stratton wanted to have his say:

"With Doom 2016 we didn't give players a multiplayer Slayer experience. We didn't give them the Doom experience they got with the campaign, and that's what this is about. For players who arrived from Doom 2016 for the campaign, the multiplayer seemed like an off-piste. In comparison, Eternal understands everything they want. "

"We constantly get data from our title and see how many people are still playing in the Doom campaign. They play it again and again and they do it because they like the way it makes them feel. So, with Doom Eternal's Battle mode, we want to give players the chance to continue playing in a more dynamic environment. "

What do you think of the words of Martin and Stratton? Did you also perceive DOOM multiplayer as an outline with respect to the campaign? We remind you that DOOM Eternal will be available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from November's 22.

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