The release of Borderlands 3 it is now getting closer, and in the past few hours Gearbox has announced several new features that will improve accessibility and communication in the multiplayer title. As reported by TechRadar, the most important is without a doubt the introduction of the signal system through “ping"That the new chapter of the insane saga will introduce, following in the footsteps of how done by Respawn in Apex Legends. By doing so it will be easier to communicate with teammates in a multiplayer session even without having to use a microphone, making coordination much more accessible. Find an example below:

Another important addition will also be that of online matchmaking, which will also make it possible to search for a multiplayer lobby while we continue our game in single, reducing dead times and also speeding up loading operations. Icing on the cake, Gearbox has announced it will be possible repacking the controls also on the console version of the game.

Finally, we remind you that Borderlands 3 will be released officially on PC (as an exclusive temporary Epic Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting next 13 September.