SEONGNAM, South Korea - (BUSINESS WIRE) -Smilegate Entertainment 8 announced July the official launch of the VR adventure game for FOCUS on YOU and the VR adventure and stealth game ROGAN: The Thief in the Castle.

FOCUS on YOU is a VR game in which the player, a high school student with a passion for photography, can meet with the female character HAN YUA in virtual places, including a cafeteria, school and vacation resort, doing different activities such as taking pictures together .

The VR game stands out from others in that it allows players to establish a more intimate relationship with HAN YUA and to remember their first love through various features such as voice recognition, change of clothes and flashback mode in which the players can repeat some episodes.

In ROGAN: The Thief in the Castle, a VR adventure game and stealth action set in the Middle Ages, the player takes on the role of Rogan the thief and solves the mysterious events that occur in Blackstone Castle.

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