Nintendo is always seen as a company that aims for fun and is often accused of not being in step with the times hardware side, but also on the online services front: Shigeru Miyamoto is not of the same opinion.

During a recent one interviewin fact, the Master spoke about the company and how this one be always in action to think about the future, testing services and hardware in step with the times:

We are not late for virtual reality or for online services. We have worked on these aspects since the beginning [of the marketing of Switch], doing several experiments.

During this time we evaluated whether these features were really useful to users but above all to a way to introduce them at a reasonable price. We don't reveal these things until we launch them, so the impression is that we don't move at all.

According to Miyamoto, therefore, Nintendo has not been left behind with regards to online services and VR, but simply does not reveal anything until it is ready to be put on the market.

Do you really think that Nintendo both on a par with Sony and Microsoft, with the proportion of the price at which they are offered, with online services and VR?