The Most Sold Blockchain Game of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO - (BUSINESS WIRE) -$ ETH #Blockchain–Gods Unchained, one of the most anticipated competitive card games, opened up its balancing beta to the general public today. Already, the game has sold more than 4 million cards and has generated about $ 4 million in revenue. Now, with the beta launch, Gods Unchained will open doors for new players to join the fray, collect cards, mint cards to the block, and battle with others around the world.

"Gaming is a $ 140 billion per year market that has capitalized on leasing premium features to select individuals based on their purchasing power," said Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Gods Unchained. “In almost every game, players are buying items, cards, skins and upgrades which they don't truly own. Blockchain actually gives players digital asset ownership, with the same property rights you can find in the real world. With Gods Unchained, we captured allure of traditional print card collectibles like Magic, like appealing visual games of digital games like Hearthstone, and added true ownership through the Ethereum blockchain. "

The booster pack is available for players who want to expand their collection. In its presale Gods Unchained has released a limited edition Genesis Set which includes 380 unique cards. 1 gameplay, the developers will discontinue production of Genesis Sets and start to issue a new season of cards. Gods Unchained World Championship. Currently, the tournament already has $ 430,000 allocated funds.

Video gameplay:

The balancing beta will take place through the month of July. During this time, cards can be collected from packs but not traded. Developers will monitor the performance of cards and measure the fairness of different deck combinations. This is to ensure that the game remains balanced, fun and competitive. After the beta balancing, the development team will solidify card stats and activate peer-to-peer trading functions.

Traditionally, items in games are owned outright by the companies that create them. When players buy in-game items, like a favorite skin for their character, the player doesn't own it - the game company licenses it to the player. By using blockchain technology, Gods Unchained gives players real ownership over the items they can buy for digital currency or traded with other players.

Fuel Games, the creators behind Gods Unchained, previously raised $ 2.4 million in funds from Basic Ventures, Continue Capital, Nirvana Capital and Sora Ventures to support the game creation.

About Fuel Games:

Fuel Games leverages blockchain technology to create epic digital experiences. Their most popular title, 'Gods Unchained', is a AAA strategy trading card game which aims to catalyze the adoption of decentralized applications with its evolved gameplay and simple on-ramps for new users. The Apollo platform is also focused on building, which will provide performance, scalable blockchain infrastructure for world class game studios.


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