Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town title released on Gameboy Andvance will see the arrival of a remake edition for Nintendo Switch.

Few details are released for this remake, for example we don't know how or what will reinvent, expand or if it will actually be a precise remake by wire and by sign of the release version for Gameboy Advance.

The only details we are aware of here concern some elements of the game that will be taken and combined by the GBA version and by More Friends Of Minera Town, a different version of the game with a female protagonist.

If you are a fan of the saga or want to take a first look at the game, here are some screenshots from the news found from Famitsu.

Appropriate for remakes, in addition to Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town also the Langrisser saga will come back on the Nintendo Switch.

Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town