[UPDATE] The news has unfortunately been denied. Also in this case it was a translation problem from the Polish site from which the news started. In essence, the statement speaks of the fact that three teams are working on the Cyberpunk 2077 game.

[ORIGINAL NEWS] In the past few hours the Polish magazine Bankier.pl has published an interesting interview with the president by CD Projekt Red Adam Kicinski, in which the manager revealed juicy news about cyberpunk 2077. As reported by Kiciński, the studio is currently working on three: "Projects" dedicated to the universe of Cyberpunk, the main game that we all know, more two more. 
You are breathtaking!

As if all this were not enough to make the hype skyrocket even more, the vice president Piotra Nielubowicz ha aggiunto:

"Even our next big project will be set in the Cyberpunk universe, we're already working on it, and it's a really great and innovative product for us."

The icing on the cake, the developers have confirmed that they are at work to implement a mode as well multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077, although it has not been specified, however, whether the latter will be present at the launch of the game or will be added later.