Times have really changed and Nintendo it is clear evidence of this: if up until a few years ago, combining Japanese society with censorship was normal, with lots of games modified specifically for the Western market, nowadays things are very different.

Unlike what's happening with Sonyindeed, Nintendo has been for some time now beating censorship in video games, which also reiterated in the last meeting dedicated to shareholders.

The President Shuntaro Furukawa indeed explained How censorship inhibits the diversity and fairness of video games and that for this reason, for third-party titles, they will never apply any form of revision that cancels the original intent of the developers:

For third parties and their software, Nintendo undertakes to follow a target rating from a third-party organization prior to publication. If the companies that produce consoles apply a censorship by arbitrarily choosing what is right and what is not, the diversity and honesty of video games are significantly inhibited.

In any case we will always provide dedicated parental controls to allow the application of further limits.

Nintendo reiterates how censorship is a damage to the industry since this limits the freedom of expression of developers, as well as inhibiting the diversity of video games, sometimes changing the meaning of some choices.

It seems almost absurd to read these things from a company that, until a few years ago, made its censorship distinctive; Luckily Switch era is changing a lot of things.