Black Ops 4 is certainly a great title, which has not failed to impress critics and gamers. But despite the sales of the game went quite well, certainly the stages of its development have been really troubled.

It gives a article by Kotaku of Jason Schreier it is in fact shown that the title should initially have one Campaign mode. Among other things, this should have been really innovative, providing for two-on-two clashes in multiplayer. However, Treyarch has decided to remove it due to timing problems, technical impediments and a feedback negative from the testers.

In fact, as Jason Schreier writes: "Black Ops 4 is set right after the story of Black Ops 3, but rather than participating in the campaign alone, you would have played alongside a partner, fighting against another pair of human opponents. (If you wanted to play normally in singleplayer, they would all be bots driven by artificial intelligence). Each team would choose a faction and you would compete to take down the enemies and fight for different goals in a post-apocalyptic world. For example, one team may try to destroy a convoy while the other protects it. Or maybe a faction would leave to protect a journalist while the other faction tried to kill him. Each mission would have given you the opportunity to enter a shootout with the other team, hindering progress. During different moments in the story, you would also have had the chance to desert and change sides if you were not satisfied with the choices your faction was making."

Although Treyarch has focused a lot on emphasizing Black Ops 4's battle royale Blackout mode, initially the game did not foresee anything like this.

After choosing to cancel the Campaign mode, the game only had Multiplayer mode and the classic Zombie mode. Treyarch was looking for a content to replace this lack and, given the success of PUBG and Fortnite, the team opted for a battle royale mode in Call of Duty. According to the report in question, Treyarch started working on the Blackout mode at the beginning of 2018, which means he had less than a year to do it. Definitely a company not just.