Marvel's Avengers it was one of the most talked about titles of the last E3 2019 and the head of the study Crystal Dynamics, Scott Amos, left some statements on the origin of the project and on the convolution of the The Marvel movies same in the realization.

He explained that the The Marvel movies has opened a dialogue with the Crystal Dynamics about the type of game they wanted to make, planning right away to create an original story to break away from MCU and therefore, also from the need to see the faces of the actors we have come to know in these 11 years.

The creative process between The Marvel movies e Crystal Dynamics it was very simple: the vice president of the creative section of the Marvel, Bill Rosemann, has provided all the know how his and his team on the Avengers world to experts in the world of video games like the boys of the Crystal Dynamics, in such a way that each of the parties could best advise the other in the one in which she was more experienced.

Amos himself wanted to make it clear that the The Marvel movies he is not a simple collaborator in the project Marvel's Avengers, but real partners, with whom they discuss daily on-going projects and with whom they have a continuous exchange of feedback on every aspect of the game.

On the other hand, Rosemann showed the maximum availability to the project, often also involving the authors who take care of the comics headlines of the various characters that will be present in the game, all to give the player a new experience, but that does not distance himself too much from the fees that readers are used to, with the right amount of fan service that only experienced people like those who work in the world The Marvel movies can provide.