It's Sunday, a day of rest for everyone, except for churches and beggars. We obviously prefer to make beggars and bring you the free game of the day, this time kindly offered by Steam. Let's talk about Kabounce, developed and published by Stitch Heads Entertainment and 29 Maggio 2018 was released for PS4 and PC.
Generally at the cost of around 15 euros, from today until tomorrow's 19 24 June you can add it aggratis in your library.
You can download it quickly clicking above. 

Kabounce is extremely difficult to explain in words: visually and conceptually it could remember Rocket League et similia, with the difference that we talk about a "pinball multiplayer" in which you control the ball. This part of the official description:
"Bounce and rotate your ball to reach incredible speeds or launch from above to surprise your opponents with air strikes!
Perfect your movements in this unique team pinball experience, dominate the playing field with powerful skills and destroy your opponents to master their points. "

The following the official trailer which I hope can clear your mind better:


Download it and try it, especially with friends Kabounce can guarantee you many hours of fun definitely out of the norm.