Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, admitted in one long and candid interview com GameDaily that Anthem's debut did not go as hoped. But Wilson pointed out that EA remains convinced of the potential of the game and the basic idea, and that over time will become a franchise special. The CEO also placed his own trust in BioWare, on which he said he was willing to bet "Once a day, and twice a Sunday".

Speaking of the specific problems of Anthem, Wilson states that intentions the game had to bring together two very different types of players: the first are the fans traditional of BioWare, players raised on bread e Mass Effect o Dragon Age. The latter are players looking for similar experiences to Destiny, clear inspiration of Anthem. According to Wilson, Anthem has failed so far to reconcile these two aspects so different and the idea "is not working very well".

At the same time, Wilson believes that Anthem you deserve trust shown by EA over the long term. According to him, an IP has a cycle of ten-year duration, and looking at things in this perspective, the world of Anthem, Javelin armor and other elements considered "unique" by the franchise have the potential to make Anthem "something big". Finally, Wilson added that the developers must adapt to changes in the public, and that a twelve-year-old boy today has different expectations for a BioWare title than a long-time player. In this perspective, it considers it essential to test the "elasticity of the brand".

The complete interview is very long and explore various themes, from loot box to the future of the sector. You can read it here .