The Division 2 it's not new to patches and updates - just remember i 90GB patch to download the same day of the launch of the Ubisoft title. The patch introduced these days is less cumbersome, and includes several bugfixes and so-called improvements quality of life. The clans, in particular, will have an easier life: it will be more immediate to identify inactive members for expel them, small clans will have weekly tasks easier, and more.

The prominent novelty of the patch, however, is certainly the introduction of a new class of soldier, the gunner. This new class will be equipped with a machine gun of considerable size, riot grenades and a gun, for when the machine gun is dry. The new class will be available immediately for those who have purchased the One Year Pass, while all the others can unlock it by completing a series of challenges.

In trailer released together with the patch, Ubisoft shows the machine gunner at work, in addition to summarize the various fixes and improvements introduced. You can see it yourself below. We haven't tried the gunner yet, but we've spent a lot of time on The Division 2, and we've talked about it Let us know if you have any suggestions