Start today in Overwatch un event very particular, from the title Challenge passed which emphasizes the history of one of its most characteristic characters, namely Jean Baptiste Augustin. Until the first of July in fact, choosing Baptiste precisely, it will be possible to obtain approximately ten rewards all new both in: quick matches, competitive and arcade. During these last ones you will be able to obtain: a new icon, new sprays and a new epic model or Baptiste medical field. Here is the official press release from Blizzard Activision:





Overwatch challenges Baptiste



La Challenge Passed by Baptiste start today! This limited-time Overwatch event tells the story of the field doctor and former operative agent of Talon, Jean-Baptiste Augustin.

We open the event with a new story that sheds light on Baptiste's past. Read and find out how his old Talon comrades tracked him down despite his attempts to escape into "The past returns".

From today, 1 July, players can try Baptiste's Spent Challenge to get a total of ten all new rewards. Find more details on the rewards below and in this video; you can also download material on the Challenge Passed by Baptiste since Blizzard Press Center.

During the event, players who win quick, competitive or Arcade games will get a new icon, new sprays and a new epic model: Baptiste Medico da Campo.

  • Win 3 matches | Icon
  • Win 6 matches | 2 spray
  • Win 9 matches | Model Baptiste Medical Field

You can also watch Twitch streamer before, during or after matches to unlock other Baptiste cosmetic items. Until 1 July, every time you tune in to the channels of the participating streamer we will give you Twitch Drop to get six Spray of Baptiste's Spent Challenge.

  • Watch for 2 hours | 1 new spray
  • Watch for 4 hours | 2 new sprays
  • Watch for 6 hours | 3 new sprays

Furthermore, the function Replay It is available today for all platforms, and allows players to watch old Overwatch games from other perspectives. Replays will be available for the duration of a patch and, like the highlights, will be reset when the next patch arrives. More details on Overwatch replays are available in the related blog.

Join Baptiste today!

See you in Overwatch!