The new titles of the Game Freak creatures, Sword Pokémon e Shield Pokémon, they are experiencing a difficult time. After the enthusiasm following the Direct Direct, a wave of discontent followed due to some statements made by the developers at the E3 2019.

First of all is theabsence of the national Pokédex, with the impossibility of transferring most of the old Pokémon to Switch, and the fans are making it clear to the developers that they do not agree with these choices. Not just tweets, petitions and invaded forums, even i dislike on YouTube they speak clearly: the video of Pokémon Sword and Shield are the ones with more negative reactions than all the videos of the E3 2019.

An overreaction? Maybe yes, but the message from the fans at Game Freak is clear: Sword and Shield Pokémon, as they are, don't like them.