All is well that ends well. Do you remember lto the history of bags contained in the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76? The fact that they were made entirely of plastic instead of canvas / canvas? Well, the promise made by Bethesda to replace them one by one seems to have finally been maintained. As testimonialo by many users on Facebook and Twitter, it seems they are starting to get the new bags totally in canvas.
And to think that in the beginning they tried to repay the players with 500 atoms, the in-game currency with which they could literally buy a door and a vase of flowers.

Months have passed, Fallout 76 has confirmed itself as a game without too many prospects and Bethesda is already thinking about the company's future titles (which do not even seem bad). We can consider this sad story to be complete, which however leaves us with a clear and important teaching: better to do a thing once, done well, than try to make half of it. You'll find yourself doing it twice and spending twice as much.