Netflix together with Epic Games would be working on a cross-over event between Fortnite and Stranger Things for the arrival of the third season of the series.

The third season of Stranger Things comes the July 3 and with it you can also start the event created for Fortnite. As already imagined, there will be new skins and items to buy, but also new challenges and prizes to be obtained as in the previous seasons.

Unfortunately we do not have an absolute certainty that the Fortnite event really comes, but thanks to a tweet of Netflix, where the company claims to be working with Epic to a new project from hope, not only, this means that soon we will also have an official announcement.

Obviously the announcement could also relate to the rpg / puzzle game inspired by the series, but given the different collaborations mentioned in the tweet with Ubisoft, Behavior and Roblox, it is actually early to draw conclusions.

What do you think of the arrival of Netflix in the videogame world? Do you like the idea of ​​being able to play in the role of the Stranger Things guys in Fortnite or are you more interested in the projects of other development houses with the well-known streaming site?

In the meantime, you have heard that it will be produced a series about Magic: The Gathering?