Dying Light, a zombie and parkour based title, has been a big hit with the public. It is a title that has received enormous post-launch support and the second chapter is approaching, Dying Light 2. Unfortunately the game will not be released before 2020 but some details on the gameplay have been revealed.E3 2019 means Marc Albinet, Game Director.

One of the main objectives of Dying Light 2 is to improve parkour. Techland aims to make it more fluid, allowing players to move from one move to another with more grace.

Perhaps the most interesting information about Marc was the gameplay choices that will have a impact on the color of the game. Here are his words:

"As for your choices, the colors will be more or less present, some colors will be more present, others less, depending on the choices you have made"

He did not report anything else so it is not very clear if the change will happen, for example, only in the game HUD or the surrounding world will change, perhaps becoming darker in case of bad choices and brighter otherwise, just to do an example.