Destiny 2 at the beginning craved stories and content, now the Bungie boys' title shifts its focus to cross play.

It is never easy to talk about cross play, also because more often than not the speech leaves the space it finds, but now something is moving, slowly but surely thanks to Bungie.

How do we know what Bungie wants? Simple, Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier spoke on Twitter with Mark Noseworthy of Bungie. Noseworthy talking to Schreier answered the questions like this: "Cross play is something we absolutely want to implement one day, but we still have a lot to do before we can work"

One of the priorities before cross play is the cross save, or the possibility of being able to import our characters with skills, weapons and progression on other platforms.
Bungie confirms that the arrival of this feature is with the next expansion, or Shadowkeep.

The cross save is certainly not cross play, but will serve companies like Sony to understand and form the right relationship with other platforms.

Would you be happy to be able to play with people from Xbox, Ps4 or PC?
Meanwhile, if you can't wait to know when the next Destiny 2 expansion comes, here's where go and watch.